Pastime With Good Company

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This arrangement of Pastime With Good Company is aimed at the lower section bands. It is simple but effective. You only need a reasonable Euphonium, a couple of good Cornets and Solo Horn. The rest is, as they say, easy.

Wotton Hill March

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"This march was commissioned by the Wotton Band to commemorate the centenary of Band Sunday, a tradition that started in 1910, where the local band played to the town members. Hymns and marches are usually played, and the band asked if I could write a march especially for the occasion; Wotton Hill is the result. A mixture of old and new melodies, the format is that of a traditional English ‘military style’ march of the time of the first Band Sunday of 1910, although slightly modified." SR

Elegy on Toplady

You can listen to an mp3 and Download score and parts

Elegy on Toplady was written by request of a friend of mine, John Jones. He sadly passed away a few years ago, but he did get to hear and play this arrangement. He was saddened that he could not find an arrangement of Rock of Ages anywhere, so he asked me to do one; this is the result. The solo trombone part at the end was written specifically for John. Although not a true 'elegy' musically, more a simple variation on a theme, it has become for me, a eulogy for John. SR