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The Rock Free Music’ (therockfreemusic.co.uk)


All music available on this site is FREE and © Stephen Rockey. The music can be downloaded, printed, copied, performed, freely distributed to anyone, as long as it is unchanged if used with the composer’s or arranger’s name, i.e. If Stephen Rockey’s name appears on the music as composer, it MUST be in its original form. Under this agreement, you can rearrange the PUBLIC DOMAIN music at will, but please ask for permission to change, arrange or alter any compositions. By downloading anything, you agree to these basic terms and conditions. You can email Stephen at the following email address:

Email: stephen@stephenrockey.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: The items from THE ROCK FREE MUSIC are not available in hard copy.

Thought for the month:

"Ignorance is the root of all evil." Plato

"Ignorance is bliss." Thomas Gray

There is also music available to purchase from my main website: http://www.stephenrockey.co.uk Nearly all are available as digital downloads from SMP Press

This site is about sharing my music for free. Everything on this site is copyright free, all I ask is that you do not change it and if asked to put in a PRS return, you use my name. More details about me and why I've started this page can be found at the link 'About Me' above. Thank you and enjoy,