Variety Suite for Woodwind Quintet

Flute: Oboe : Clarinet in B flat : Horn in F : Bassoon

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I. Opening A 6/8 rondo with quite a cheeky feel. There is an feeling of happiness and anticipation of what ever entertainment is about to be seen.

II. Guilded Cage!!! Based on the song line, "... only a bird in a gilded cage," this movement is programmatic. The spelling "Guilded" alludes to the gold coins of the Netherlands, looks pretty from the outside, but... This movement has an air of sadness, melancholy and feeling trapped.

III. The Juggler A fast moving movement with occasional trips and turns. Not for the faint hearted.

There are currently only the three movements written, and another two under construction. If enough people want more, then I'll finish it.

Beethoven Minuet in G

Flute:Oboe:Clarinet in Bb:Horn in F:Bassoon

Originally written for orchestra, a simple arrangement of the Minuet.

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